Class “C” Enterprises

Class "C" Enterprises

Class “C” Enterprises includes

  • Tour or safari operators;
  • Tourist service vehicle hire;
  • Local air charter;
  • Travel agency;
  • Water sports;
  • Balloon operators; and
  • Boat excursions;
  1. License Application – TRIMS self-service portal.
  2. Copy of lease agreement/ title deed of premises
  3. Certificate of registration of company (new applicants)
  4. Memorandum and articles of Association (new applicants)
  5. Work/ entry permit for non- Kenyans involved in the business and copies of affidavit for non- resident director(s)
  6. Copy of insurance cover where applicable
  7. Proof of ownership of vehicle or letter of contract of hire and vehicle inspection report in the case of tour operators and tourist service vehicle hire
  8. CV, professional certificates in ticketing and proficiency in airline reservation systems in case of travel agencies
  9. Certificates of airworthiness and seaworthiness where applicable
  10. Copy of itinerary in case of tour operators
  11. Professional certificates
  12. Copy of pilot licenses indicating their flying hours and air charter license from Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) in the case of air charter operators

Download specific requirement below;-

CLASS C Application Fee Annual License Fee (Ksh) License Renewal
Tour or safari operators; 1,000.00 8,000 8000
Tourist service vehicle hire; 1,000.00 8,000 8000
Local air charter; 1,000.00 8000 8000
Travel agency; 1,000.00 8000 8000
Water sports; 1,000.00 8000 8000
Balloon operators; and 1,000.00 8000 8000
Boat excursions; 1,000.00 8000 8000
Foreign Registered Tourist Vehicles (Six Months License Fee (US $) $ 500

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All Payments should be done via E-Citizen.

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